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Big Tree Maple Pure Maple Products - (716) 763-5917Big Tree Maple sugar house is located in Chautauqua Co., in southwestern New York. Our father and son business began in 1993 by boiling sap from 40 taps, currently we process maple sap from over 4000 taps. Some of these taps are owned by other producers who deliver the sap to Big Tree Maple to be processed into syrup with our modern production equipment.
Our modern maple syrup equipment includes facilities to quickly unload and store large amounts of raw maple sap, a new high capacity reverse osmosis machine, to concentrate the sugar content, and an oil fired evaporator fitted with an automatic syrup draw-off system, to complete the process. We also filter our maple syrup through a modern filter press before it is hot packed for retail sales in premium quality Sugar Hill plastic syrup jugs.
We have also made improvements in how the maple sap is produced and gathered from the forest. Almost all of our sap is now collected by using plastic tubing to move the sap from the tree to the storage tank as opposed to the old system of buckets. In addition we use a vacuum pump to help improve the sap flow from the trees. Despite the modern equipment, making maple syrup is a labor intensive process that requires evaporating at least 40 gallons of water in order to produce 1 gallon of maple syrup!
We put much emphasis on producing a high quality product and employ the industry standard “best management practices” in all that we do.
Our products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We appreciate your business and hope that we may continue to serve you.

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